Otterbox iPad Mini Defender Case


Otterbox has already announced their Defender series rugged protective case for the iPad Mini. This is the ultimate in heavy duty iPad Mini protection, check it out!

Otterbox has been making protective cases for Apple’s iDevices since the very beginning. They know what it takes to protect your precious possessions. The Otterbox Defender series turns your iPad Mini into a tank with 3 layers of heavy duty protection, an extra screen shield cover that converts into a shield, and much much more! Let’s break it down.

Otterbox Defender iPad Mini Inner Layer

The inner layer of this case acts as a skeleton and features an impact resistant polycarbonate construction that is rigid and strong. It has a padded foam interior as well, so your iPad Mini is never touching the actual plastic, thus preventing scrapes and scuffs, and it is always floating in a bed of shock absorbing foam. Additionally on the front is a built in screen protector to prevent anything from damaging the 7.9″ screen housed inside.

Otterbox Defender iPad Mini Outer Layer

The outer layer of the Defender is a rugged silicone material that wraps around the polycarbonate interior and acts as a second skin. It absorbs the majority of the force from any impact, and also provides added grip as well. The silicone skin is very sturdy and not your typical silicone, it’s much more rugged and strong and holds its shape very well. Additionally it features port covers for all the buttons and ports, thus preventing dust and grit from getting into the more sensitive areas of your iPad Mini.

Otterbox Defender Screen Shield

Lastly you have the screen shield which snaps on the outside of the iPad mini, and protects the front with even more polycarbonate plastic when you are on the go. This hard shield also doubles as a stand for typing or viewing movies. This is a perfect addition to the case because it prevents anything from damaging your iPad when it is most vulnerable- while you are on-th-go.

It’s a beast of a case that turns your little Mini into a tank. It might be a little thick for some, and a bit of overkill for others, but if you happen to take your iPad into extreme situations, have children, or are just generally clumsy, then this case makes your iPad Mini about as safe as it can possibly be and keep you worry free! The Otterbox iPad Mini Defender can be ordered for $69.95 and comes in black, pink, and grey.

Check out the Otterbox iPad Mini Defender Case

Enjoy your adventures!

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