MiTab iPad Mini Smart Cover Alternative


Why spend $40 on an Apple smart cover for your iPad Mini when MiTAB has something just as good for half the price! Check out these awesome smart cover alternatives for your iPad Mini!

Half The Price, Twice The Value!

The iPad Mini is thin, trim, and beautiful. People are ditching their large iPads in droves these days to get their hands on the smaller and more portable version. One awesome accessory fur the iPad Mini is Apple’s own Smart Cover with the magnetic sleep/wake functionality. However, it costs something like $39!

Thankfully, now we have some alternatives with the MiTAB iPad Mini Smart Cover. This is a polyurethane smart cover just like the Apple version that magnetically aligns itself to the iPad Mini. Just slap it on and you are good to go. It folds back into multiple positions for easy viewing, and has a similar soft internal lining to protect from scratches and smudges, and it even cleans the screen as it moves around.

The MiTAB comes in 4 different colors too! Black, Blue, Pink, and Grey. It retails for just $19.99, which is just about 50% cheaper than the Apple version! Check out the MiTAB iPad Mini Smart Cover now!

Editors Note: We also recommend checking out either the Poetic ThinShell Back Cover for iPad Mini ($5.95), or the DODOcase BookBack ($19.95) while you are at it. These two accessories offer super thin high quality back protection for the iPad Mini, and when paired with the MiTAB are still cheaper than the Apple Smart Cover! Talk about a sweet deal!

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