iPad Mini Cases and Covers We’re Hoping For


Every couple of months the rumor of a smaller and cheaper 7″ Apple iPad surfaces. The rumor is followed up quickly by Apple’s denial that it just isn’t going to happen. With the massive success of the Kindle, and the looming threat of Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablets Apple would be smart to enter into the Mini tablet market. So here we are, dreaming at the possibility of a Mini iPad, why not continue dreaming and dream up dreamy iPad Mini cases and covers we’d love to get our grubby mitts on

Saddleback Leather iPad Mini Case

The Saddleback premium leather iPad Mini Case is rugged as you are! Saddleback uses ultra-premium thick leather and each case comes with a 100 year warranty! This isn’t some foul smelling throwaway case. It’s a case that will be in your will, even if your iPad isn’t! Here’s to hoping that Saddleback brings their leather craftmanship to the iPad Mini Case market.

Marware Eco-Vue iPad Mini Case

Not everyone wishes to spend nearly half the cost of an iPad Mini on a case. This is where Marware comes in. Marware successfully bridges the gap between price, quality and features. The Eco-Vue is a fan favorite for it’s combination of built in stand, magnetic closure, ‘eco-leather’ and soft microfiber interior. Here’s hoping Marware releases their whole-lineup of value laden cases, just in mini versions.

ReAuthored Real Book iPad Mini Case

Here is a great company with a great offering! ReAuthored uses real books, guts the innards, and uses the husk as a stylish, functional, and eco-friendly iPad case. Certainly there are used books in every size, so why not expand a great product line and include the iPad Mini? As book connoisseurs we love the idea (and the smell)!

Pad and Quill iPad Mini Case

Pad and Quill crafts hand-made, artisan quality, leather bound book style cases. There are several similar companies with similar offerings and we think that Pad and Quill are the best of the bunch. They already offer cases for other smaller devices so it shouldn’t be too difficult for the book wizards at Pad and Quill to whip up a mini model for the iPad Mini.

We’ve got a look at the future, and the future is exciting indeed. It looks much like the present, only smaller!

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