Cygnett iPad Mini Cases On Sale In Australia


It appears that Cygnett has already put up some iPad Mini cases for sale in Australia. One Aussie managed to get his hands on it and made a very cool video reviewing them! Check it out!

This video reveals that Cygnett has already made 2 different iPad Mini cases that are roughly 20 cm long and 13 cm wide and 1 cm deep. He also uses his artistic talents to determine that the iPad Mini will likely have a 16×9 aspect ratio (just like the iPhone 5 and iPod touch), with a 2 cm border around the screen (in keeping with the same border size as the iPad itself). He is guessing that the new iPad mini will have a 7 inch screen rather than a 7.85 inch screen. But really that is anybodies guess.

So if you live in Australia, keep your peepers open for one of these Cygnet iPad Mini cases!

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