5 Slim iPad Mini Cases


Let’s face it, in almost any case the iPad Mini could be considered thin. However if you love the ultra slim form factor, yet still relish the protection of a case, here are 5 ultra slim iPad Mini cases to feast your eyes on.

Griffin Slim Folio

The Griffin Slim Folio is a super slim iPad mini folio. The mini slips into a protective sleeve lined with microsuede for safe keeping. The cover works as a 2 position work stand as well, and it has cutouts for all the ports, buttons, and cameras. The cover comes in 3 different colors- Chocolate, Black Pebble, and Black and retails for $39.99. However, it does not have smart cover functionality as do some of the other cases that are 1/10th of the price… just so you know. Check out the Griffin Slim Folio here.

DODOcase HARDcover

The DODOcase HARDcover, apart from being annoyingly capitalized, is a pretty sweet case. It features the hardback book style that you know and love, without the wooden/bamboo frame so it is ultra slim. The iPad adheres to the back of the case with two reusable sticky strips and it closes like a book with a moleskine style elastic band. The case has smart magnets built in, and it comes in a variety of cool colors. We thoroughly recommend this case as a snazzy good looking skinny iPad mini case. It retails for $39.95 and you can check out the DODOcase HARDcover here.

CaseMate Tuxedo

The Tuxedo case from Case Mate is an ultra slim iPad Mini portfolio case that uses a similar reusable adhesive backing like the DODOcase does. The case is a textured soft touch material that comes in pink, purple, black, grey, teal, and red. The front cover folds back into a dual angle stand, and the interior is lined with an ultra soft microfiber material. It looks good and is extremely thin. The case retails for $40 as well. You can check out the CaseMate Tuxedo Case here.

MoKo Ultra Slim Smartshell

If the above cases are out of your budget and you want something nice and useful but super cheap, then we recommend checking out the MoKo Ultra Slim case. The Mini snaps into a slim hardback case and is covered by a lightweight PU leather cover lined with microfiber. The cover folds back into a stand that works in 2 angles, and it has smart cover auto sleep/wake features and a magnetic closure. It’s a great little case that is on sale for $7.98! Check out the Moko Ultra Slim Smartshell here!

Poetic SLIMLINE Portfolio Case

Last but not least, we have the popular Poetic SLIMLINE case which is not only the cheapest but also possibly the best of all five. This case has a hard back that the Mini snaps into and is covered with a folding front cover that has smart magnets and turns into a stand as well. It is lined with microfiber and tastefully branded on the front. The case comes in 8 different colors- light blue, black, green, purple, pink, navy, red, and white. But the best part is that it is on sale for $5.95! It’s got great reviews, and for that price why not pick up a couple as stocking stuffers! Check out the Poetic SLIMLINE Portfolio Case here!

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